Busy Month!

21 Feb

The biggest, most awesome news in my life right now:


This is my niece, Lilyana Faith McRoberts, born February 9th! I am sooooo excited to meet her, I’m coming home to visit in one week- the countdown is on! Mom and Kali are keeping me updated by texting me plenty of Lily pictures to tide me over until then. Did I mention how excited I am???

 Just got back from a lovely snowshoe run, we took a detour and hiked up “Birch” so that we could run back down the very steep slope….

The view from the top!

I was very proud that I did not fall on my face! It was a beautiful trail, full of Birch trees (hence the name) and a much narrower trail than the usual ski/snowshoe trails we run on, reminded me of trail running!

 February has been so busy! The Yukon Quest wrapped up on Friday, after an absolutely  amazing 14 day race, the Red Lantern team of Hank DeBruin and his 9 Siberian huskies arrived at the finish line- just as the awards/finishing banquet wrapped up! Rookie Dallas Seavey won the race in 10 days 11 hours and  53 minutes.   If you haven’t been following the Quest, definitely worth reading the updates from the trails, you can find them  on their website, there are some truly amazing stories. You could make a movie out of the adventures- There are stories of mushers falling in the ice and having to be rescued by other teams, intense storms and minus 50 degree temperatures, and the resulting frostbite.

There’s a great interview with Hugh Neff up on the CKRW blog, you gotta listen to it, he had a 10 hour lead for a good portion of the race, but extreme weather conditions forced him to withdraw at Eagle Summit. I almost cried listening to the interview when he mentioned the death of one of his dogs, Geronimo. The bond between the dogs and the mushers is amazing.  Listen to the interview!

 Hockey Day in Canada came and went as well, and from my chats with the hockey fans it was amazing (again I really know nothing about hockey so this event went right over my head, in hindsight though I wish I’d gone and seen the Stanley Cup, that looked neat).  The Toronto Sun did a nice piece about it all.

Also, I went to an 80s night a couple of weeks ago and didn’t post about it because I was hoping to have some pictures, but I haven’t been able to track down any! All I have is this Myspace-style picture of myself with back-combed hair:

big hair!

It was a fundraiser for the local breakdance group, and was a sold-out crowd that was fully decked out in their finest 80s attire! It was super fun, and no one phoned it in when it came to the costumes. My throat was hoarse the next day from screaming so many 80s ballads at the top of my lungs.

Saturday I attended the “Nasty Comedy Night” at The Guild. Lots of fun! Kudos to Anthony Trombetta for his version of “The Aristocrats”! Jenny Hamilton was also a highlight for me, I really need to see more stand-up around here, Whitehorse definitely has some talented comedians!

I am looking forward to the arrival of some of my Vancouver friends who fly into town this week! We’re going to go dogsledding, snowshoeing, hotsprings-ing and taking part in the Rendezvous festival! Rendezvous is really getting going, the Queens have been out for a while now, and there are events including the Sourghdough Sams competition which is on now. I’ll be on location on Saturday checking it out, so you can hear my adventures on CKRW, and I’ll definitely be watching for The Kops! I can’t find out much about it online,  but I understand during Rendezvous ladies always have to be wearing a garter and men a beard, or the Kops will arrest you! I bought a garter this week, so I’m ready!


One Response to “Busy Month!”

  1. Jon February 21, 2011 at 9:21 pm #

    Glad you’re having fun! Love the 80s pic!!

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